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Buildings in this section include:
• Marriott at Key Center

• Amtrust Center (Key Bank Center/McDonald Investment Center)
• 55 Public Square (Illuminating Building)
• 925 Euclid (Huntington Bank Building)
• North Point Tower
• The Standard Building
• Oswald Centre (The Diamond Building)
• 1717 East 9th Street (East Ohio Building)
• The Keith Building
• The Superior Building
• Penton Media Building (Bond Court Office Tower)
• Reserve Square Apartments
• Fenn Tower
• Winton Place
• Landmark Office Towers
• AT&T Lakeside
• Ohio Savings Building
• The Rockefeller Building
• Holiday Inn Express (The Guardian Building)
• Westin Hotel (Crowne Plaza/Sheraton City Center)
• USBank Center (Renaissance at Playhouse Square)
• Earnest Bohn Tower
• The Hanna Building
• Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
• The Chesterfield Apartments

View from Terminal Tower

View from Tower at Erieview
Marriott at Key Center - 1991
Cesar Pelli and Associates
28 Floors
320 ft/98m
127 Public Square, Cleveland

This is one of the tallest hotels in downtown Cleveland and is part of the Key Center complex. At one time, the Engineers Building stood at the site, but was demolished. The hotel contains approximately 480 guest rooms.

Click here for a view from Public Square, courtesy of Michael Dery.

View from Mall A

View from Lakeside Avenue
Amtrust Center (formerly KeyBank Center, McDonald Investment Center, Central National Bank) - 1969
Charles Luckman
28 Floors
305 ft/93m
East 9th St. at Superior Ave.

Nearly 2 million bricks were used in the construction of this tower (the former Central National Bank building) and its adjacent parking garage. View from East 9th Street.

View from
Superior Avenue

Evening view from Public Square
55 Public Square - 1958
Carson and Lunden
22 Floors
300 ft/91m
55 Public Square, Cleveland

One of the first International Style high-rises in Cleveland, this building was the first high rise on Public Square since the construction of the Terminal Tower.

Click here for a view from the Terminal Tower.
Click here for a view from West 3rd Street, courtesy of Michael Dery.

View from
East Ninth Street

View from
Tower at Erieview
925 Euclid (formerly The Huntington Bank Building, Union Trust Building) - 1924
Graham, Anderson, Probst and White
22 Floors
289 ft/88m
925 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

This was the largest office building (over 1.2 million sq. ft. of floorspace) in Cleveland until the completion of the BP Tower. It was built as the Union Trust building after several local banks merged. The building features a 3 story “L”-shaped banking lobby, which is one of the world's largest.

Click here for another view, courtesy of Frank Gerlak. Click here for a view from East 12th Street.

View of interior

View of interior

View from City Hall

View from Tower at Erieview
North Point Tower - 1990
Payto Architects
20 Floors
286 ft/87m
East 9th St. at Lakeside Ave., Cleveland

North Point Tower is part of the North Point office complex, featuring a large atrium.

The Standard Building- 1925
Knox and Elliot
20 Floors
282 ft/86m
1370 Ontario St., Cleveland

This building features a terra cotta exterior with numerous “starburst“ designs. The design is repeated extensively in the building's lobby.

Click here for a view from Ontario Ave., courtesy of Michael Dery.
Click here for a closeup view of the “starburst” motif, courtesy of Frank Gerlak.
Click here for another view of the “starburst” motif.

Oswald Centre (formerly Diamond Building)- 1972
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
21 Floors
280 ft/85m
1100 Superior Ave., Cleveland

Originally built as the Diamond Shamrock Building, renamed the Diamond Building when the namesake company relocated.

Click here for another view, courtesy of Michael Dery.

1717 East Ninth (East Ohio Building)- 1959
Richard Roth
21 Floors
275 ft/84m
1717 East 9th St., Cleveland

Home to the East Ohio Gas Company, this building was one of the first modern highrises in downtown Cleveland along with the Illuminating Building. In 2013, redevelopment of the building into residential use.

The Keith Building- 1922
Rapp Brothers
22 Floors
272 ft/83m
1621 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

At the time of its construction, this was the tallest skyscraper in Cleveland. The terra-cotta exterior of this Playhouse Square landmark has recently undergone extensive restoration.

Click here for another view, courtesy of Frank Gerlak. Click here for a view of the dedication plaque, courtesy of Frank Gerlak.

The Superior Building- 1922
Walker and Weeks
20 Floors
270 ft/82m
815 Superior Ave., Cleveland

Formerly the Cleveland Discount Building, this tower features a set of Doric columns at its base. Click here for a detail view of the upper floors.

View from St. Clair Avenue
Penton Media Building (formerly the Bond Court Building) - 1968
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
20 Floors
270 ft/82m
1300 East 9th St., Cleveland

This tower was originally named after a street that formerly occupied the site. It was recently renamed after the Penton Media company relocated its offices to the building.

View from Tower at Erieview

View shown from Tower at Erieview.

Reserve Square Apartments/Embassy Suites Hotel- 1969
Dalton, Dalton, Little and Newport
23 Floors
266 ft/82m
1701 East 12th St., Cleveland

This twin-towered structure was built as the Park Centre. It was renamed Reserve Square in 1989, and contains a pedestrian walkway with retail shops.

Fenn Tower (Cleveland State University) - 1930
George Post and Sons
21 Floors
265 ft/81m
1983 East 24th St., Cleveland

This building originally served as headquarters to a social club. It has since been converted to use by Cleveland State University.

Winton Place - 1963
Loehl, Schlossman and Bennett
30 Floors
264 ft/80m
12700 Lake Avenue, Lakewood

Winton Place is the tallest residential highrise in Lakewood, a suburb west of downtown Cleveland. Several other highrises surround Winton Place comprising the "Gold Coast" area.

View from
Key Tower

View from Cuyahoga River

Landmark Office Towers - 1930
Graham, Anderson, Probst and White
18 Floors
260 ft/79m
Huron Rd. at Ontario St., Cleveland

The Landmark Office Towers are part of the original Union Terminal complex along with the Terminal Tower. Although constructed about the same time, the Landmark buildings are art-deco in style, as opposed to the Terminal Tower's Beaux Arts styling. In addition, the complex contains the Van Sweringen arcade. In 2006, a large image of basketball superstar LeBron James (along with powerful floodlights) was added to the buildings southeastern facade.

Click here for a view from the Terminal Tower.
Click here for a detail view of the Prospect Avenue entrance.
Click here for a detail view of the West 2nd St. facade.
Click here for a view of the decorative elements in the Van Sweringen arcade.

Landmark Office Towers/Lebron James

View from
Ontario Avenue

View from Willard Park

AT&T Lakeside Thumbnail
View from Lakeside Avenue

AT&T Lakeside - 1983
Dalton, Dalton, Newport; Madison International
16 Floors
253 ft/77m
East 9th St. and Lakeside Ave., Cleveland

Built as the Ohio Bell Building, the northern face of this building features a curving wall of glass. The southern facade features windows that are unusually angled out from the curtain wall. Click here for a view of the southern facade.

Ohio Savings Plaza (formerly Amtrust Plaza) - 1975
18 Floors
250 ft/76m
1801 East 9th St., Cleveland

Constructed as the Ohio Savings Plaza, the tower was renamed in 2007 to reflect the name change of the headquartered bank. This building features a pedestrian “colonnade” on its western and southern faces.

The Rockefeller Building - 1905
Knox and Elliot
16 Floors
230 ft/70m
614 Superior Ave., Cleveland

On the southern edge of the Warehouse District, this building features a decorative iron facade. Reputedly, the “spirit” of John D. Rockefeller still maintains a presence in this building. Knox and Elliot also designed the Standard Building. View from the Terminal Tower.

Click here and here for views of the decorative iron facade. Click here for a view from Prospect Avenue, courtesy of Michael Dery.

The Guardian Building (Holiday Inn Express) - 1895
Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge; remodeled by Walker and Weeks
16 Floors
225 ft/69m
629 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

Formerly the National City Bank building, this building was renovated to accommodate a hotel chain, with many decorative elements from the banking era restored. During the Walker and Weeks remodeling, two stories were added to the buildings' original fourteen. Click here for a view of the upper floors and cornice.

Westin Hotel (formerly Crowne Plaza City Center, Sheraton City Center) - 1971
Bialosky and Manders
22 Floors
222 ft/68m
777 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland

Originally the Bond Court Hotel, this building suffered a partial collapse during its construction. View shown is from Key Tower.

View from Euclid Avenue
US Bank Center (formerly The Renaissance at Playhouse Square) - 1990
Richard L. Bowen and Associates
15 Floors
210 ft/64m
1350 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

This postmodern building features multiple setbacks and a striking glass facade. In 2002, US Bank, based in Minneapolis, acquired Firstar Bank, which was a major tenant - the building name was subsequently changed to US Bank Center.

View from Tower at Erieview
Earnest Bohn Tower - 1972
William Dorsky Associates
22 Floors
204 ft/62m
1300 Superior Ave., Cleveland

This structure contains 266 residential units, primarily for senior citizens.

The Hanna Building - 1921
Charles A. Platt
16 Floors
203 ft/62m
1422 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

Named after Marcus A. Hanna, this building's annex contains the Hanna Theatre, part of the Playhouse Square performing arts center. This building, along with the Wyndham Hotel, has had fiberoptic lights and a large digital screen attached to its facade.

View from
Superior Avenue

View from
Key Tower
The Federal Reserve Bank Building - 1924
Walker and Weeks
12 Floors
200 ft/61m
1445 East 6th St., Cleveland

This building's design was inspired by the Medici Palace in Italy. It is often cited as the most successful and beautiful comission by Walker and Weeks. An addition was completed in the early 1990s which utilizes marble similar to the original structure. Both entrances of the building feature prominent sculptural work.

Click here for a view of the East 6th St. entrance. Click here for a view of the sculpture at the Superior Avenue entrance.

Interior view of lobby

View from
Penton Media Building

View from
Key Tower
The Chesterfield Apartments - 1967
Weinberg and Teare
20 Floors
200 ft/61m
1801 East 12th St., Cleveland

This building was one of the first residential high-rise projects constructed in downtown Cleveland. A notable amenity is a roof-top swimming pool.