The following buildings are approximately under 200 feet (60 meters).

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Doubletree Hotel (Holiday Inn - Lakeside) - 1974
William Bond and Associates
18 Floors
1111 Lakeside Ave., Cleveland

This hotel faces Cardinal Mindszenty Plaza, a small park. In 2008, the property was converted into a Doubletree Hotel.

Parkview Apartments- 1926
Morgantroyd and Ogden
18 Floors
1802 East 13th St., Cleveland

This building was originally the Allerton Hotel (a branch of Allerton Clubs in NYC and Chicago) and was converted to a 191 unit apartment building.

View from Terminal Tower
Crittenden Court Apartments - 1995
Richard L. Bowen and Associates
18 Floors
West 10th St. at St. Clair Ave., Cleveland

The first high-rise apartment building in the Flats. A three-story addition was completed in 2004, featuring a metal spire at the building's northwest corner.

View from West Bank of the Flats
The Leader Building - 1912
Charles A. Platt
16 Floors
East 6th St. at Superior Ave., Cleveland

The Leader Building was constructed as the headquarters for a now-defunct newspaper. The Leader Building features an ornate lobby with entrances off of East Sixth Street and Superior Avenue.

Click here for another view, courtesy of Frank Gerlak. Click here for a view of the East 6th Street entry arch. Click here for a view of the lobby. Click here for a detail view of the cornice. Click here for a view of the decorative gargoyle.

IMG Center (formerly One Erieview Plaza) - 1965
Schafer, Flynn and Associates
16 Floors
1 Erieview Plaza, Cleveland

Built as part of the I.M. Pei-designed Erieview plan, this building was renamed the IMG Center on behalf of IMG, a major tenant.

The Cleveland Clinic - Crile Building - 1985
Cesar Pelli and Associates

15 Floors

This ziggurat shaped tower won an award from the Cleveland chapter of the American Institute of Architects upon its completion. The building houses several clinics and serves as a landmark for the Cleveland Clinic. Click here for another view, from Euclid Avenue. Click here for another view from the Clinic parking deck to the south.

75 Public Square - 1915
Hubbell and Benes
15 Floors
75 Public Square

Featuring a decorative cornice, this building was the original headquarters for the Illuminating Company.

Click here for another view (along with the Old Stone Church), courtesy of Frank Gerlak.
Click here for a view from the Terminal Tower.

Lakewood Center North - 1974
Theodore Badowski
15 Floors
14600 Detroit Road (at Belle), Lakewood

Lakewood Center North is the tallest commercial building in Lakewood, a suburb west of downtown Cleveland.

Statler Arms Apartments (formerly Statler Hotel) - 1912
George B. Post
15 Floors

1127 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

Formerly the Statler Hotel (then Statler Office Tower), this building has been renovated and converted into apartments. The complex includes a conference center as well as seven penthouse apartments on the top floor. Information courtesy of Scott Witkowski from Statler Arms

Click here for a view of the entrance marquee, image courtesy of Scott Witkowski. Click here for another view, courtesy of Frank Gerlak.

Cleveland Clinic Intercontinental Hotel and Conference Center
Brennan Beer Gorman
14 Floors
East 96th Street at Carnegie

This hotel, completed in 2002, has been built on the site of the former Omni Hotel. The hotel features a series of pedestrian bridges that directly connects to other the buildings within the Cleveland Clinic complex including the Crile building. The hotel features an ornate lobby and several large conference areas.

Crown Centre/Crown Centre II - 1990/1999
Kaczmar Architects
14 Floors/8 Floors
Rockside Road at I-77, Independence

Crown Centre I and II are located in Independence, a suburb south of downtown Cleveland. The pyramidal tops of the towers are illuminated with green neon at night.

Click here for a view of Crown Centre.
Click here for a view of Crown Centre II.
Click here for another view of Crown Centre I and II.

Wyndham Hotel - 1995
RTKL Associates
14 Floors
Euclid Ave. at Huron Rd., Cleveland

This hotel features a cylindrical tower with a decorative crown. This building, along with the nearby Hanna Building, has had fiberoptic lights and a large digital screen attached to its facade.

Click here for a summary of the project, courtesy of RTKL Associates. The summary is in pdf format, you will need Adobe Acrobat to view it.

The City Club Building (formerly The Citizens Building) - 1903
14 Floors
850 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

This building houses the City Club, one of the country's oldest public speech forums. It originally featured a Greek Revival-styled entrance.

Hampton Inn - 1997
Marous Brothers
14 Floors
East 9th at Superior Ave., Cleveland

The Hampton Inn replaced the Olmsted Hotel, at this prominent location.

Euclid and Ninth Tower - 1902
Levi Schofield
14 Floors
2000 East 9th St., Cleveland

Originally named the Schofield Building, after Levi Schofield who designed Public Square's Soldiers and Sailors' monument. The original facade of this building has been covered.

View from Lake Erie

View from West 9th Street
The Pinnacle - 2005
14 Floors (11 floors on 3-story parking structure)
701 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland

This 80-unit condominium building is the newest residential structure in the Warehouse District. The Pinnacle boasts a distinctive glass facade and unusual floorplates.

View from West Shoreway

View from Whiskey Island
W.O. Walker Center - 1984
14 Floors
Euclid Ave. at Louis Stokes Blvd., Cleveland

This building is located adjacent to the Cleveland Clinic and is one of the tallest high-rises in the University Circle area.

Cleveland Athletic Club - 1910
J. Milton Dyer
14 Floors
1118 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

This building houses offices in addition to the athletic club facilities. Dyer also designed Cleveland's City Hall and the U.S. Coast Guard station on Lake Erie.

1010 Euclid Building - 1910
Searles, Hirsh, & Gavin
14 Floors
1010 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

At one time this building was slated for demolition to make way for the twin tower of the Ameritrust Bank headquarters.

Frank J. Lausche State Office Building - 1979
Ohio Building Authority
14 Floors
615 Superior Ave., Cleveland

This building houses state government offices and features a steel sculpture by Tony Smith.

Click here for a view from the Terminal Tower.

Chase Financial Tower/Ritz-Carlton Hotel (left)/Skylight Office Tower (right) - 1990
RTKL Associates
14 Floors
1515 West 3rd St., Cleveland

These towers were built as part of the Tower City Center complex along with the Avenue shopping center.

Click here for a summary of the project, courtesy of RTKL Associates. The summary is in pdf format, you will need Adobe Acrobat to view it.

Abington Arms - 1978
14 Floors
11501 Mayfield Road, Cleveland

This tower sits between the Univerity Circle and Little Italy neighborhoods. Abington Arms serves as housing for the elderly.

St. Clair Place - 1979
Richard L. Bowen and Associates
14 Floors
1380 East 13th Street, Cleveland

This building was constructed as public housing for the elderly.

Construction photo, September 2007

Stonebridge Plaza - 2008
Bob Corna
12 Floors
2020 Center Street, Cleveland

This tower features approximately 110 residential units. This is the newest structure in the Stonebridge project in the Flats.

Construction photo, January 2007

The Renaissance Hotel - 1918
Graham, Burnham and Company
12 Floors
24 Public Square, Cleveland

Built as the Hotel Cleveland, this hotel features a decorative fountain in the lobby and is connected to Tower City Center.

Click here for a view of the lobby.

1220 Huron Road
12 Floors
1220 Huron Rd., Cleveland

Cuyahoga County Jail - 1994
12 Floors
West 3rd St. at St. Clair Ave., Cleveland

This structure is part of the downtown headquarters of the Cleveland Police Department.

Judson Manor- 1923
12 Floors
2181 Ambleside Road, Cleveland

Located adjacent to the Wade Lagoon in University Circle, this was once a luxury hotel and now serves as a retirement community.

The Halle Building - 1910
Henry Bacon (Huron Road addition by Walker and Weeks)
12 Floors
1228 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

Built as the Halle Brothers department store, the store closed and was reconfigured into an office building. The Halle Building also serves as the storefront for the fictional “Winfred Lauder” store on the Drew Carey Show.

View from Superior Viaduct
Stonebridge Towers - 2005
Bob Corna
12 Floors
2222 Detroit Ave. (at Superior Viaduct), Cleveland

This tower features approximately 150 residential units and was completed in 2005.

View from West Shoreway

MetroHealth Medical Center - 1972
Dalton, Dalton, Little and Newport

12 Floors
Metrohealth Drive, Cleveland

This building serves as the anchor to the Metrohealth Medical Center complex. The structure's distinctive cylindrical twin towers dominate the center's site located adjacent to Interstate 71.

University Circle Place - 1926
12 Floors
Ford Drive at Euclid Avenue, Cleveland

This building was constructed as the Commodore Hotel, and is a landmark of the University Circle neighborhood. The tower is slated for renovation in 2008.

Hilton Garden Inn - 2002
City Architecture
11 Floors
East 9th Street at Carnegie, Cleveland

This structure has been incorporated into the adjacent Power Brake building and consists of nearly 250 rooms. The metallic ornamentation on the building's roofline adds decorative interest.

The Baker Building - 1921
11 Floors
1940 East 6th St., Cleveland
The Westlake Hotel - (constructed in mid-1920s)
11 Floors
19000 Lake Road, Rocky River

Located in the suburb of Rocky River (west of downtown Cleveland) this structure was built as the Westlake Hotel. It now serves as an upscale housing complex.

The Triangle (multiple high-rises) - 1987
10-12 Floors
Euclid Ave. at Mayfield Road, Cleveland

The Triangle development consists of several high-rise residential towers along with retail space.

Completed - November 2008

Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute - completed Nov. 2008
10 Floors
Euclid Ave. at East 93rd Street, Cleveland

This 10-story tower was completed in November 2008 and is home to the Heart and Vascular Institute of the Cleveland Clinic.

Construction photo, September 2007

Construction photo, September 2006

Lerner Tower at University Hospitals - 1997
10 Floors
11100 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

This tower was built to house various clinics of the University Hospitals Health System.

The Rose Building - 1900
George H. Smith
10 Floors
2060 East 9th St., Cleveland

This building features a extensively decorated terra cotta facade.

Click here for another view, courtesy of Frank Gerlak.

Carter Manor - 1910
10 Floors
1012 Prospect Ave., Cleveland

Built as the Hotel Winton, this structure now serves as housing.

Cleveland Public Library - Louis Stokes Wing - 1997
Hardy, Holzman, Pfeiffer Associates
10 Floors
East 6th St. at Superior Ave., Cleveland

This building added much-needed space to the Cleveland Public Library's downtown facilities. The building is separated from the original facilities by the Eastman Reading Garden featuring a Maya Lin-designed fountain.

Evening View
Huron Square Building - 1923
10 Floors
1001 Huron Road, Cleveland

Originally built as the Medical Center Building, this building features extensive decoration on its lower and upper floors. The building has been restored and converted to a 70-unit apartment building.

Click here for a detail view.

View from Ontario Avenue

The Society for Savings Building - 1889
Burnham and Root
10 Floors
127 Public Square, Cleveland

This building is one of the oldest on Public Square. In 1991, the building was incorporated into the design and construction of Key Tower. A light court was filled in with office floors, however the banking lobby's stained glass ceiling was preserved and is artificially illuminated. This building also features a decorative lamp on its southwest corner.

Click here for a view of the Ontario Avenue facade.
Click here for an interior view.

View from Terminal Tower
Avenue District
Rendering, courtesy of Zaremba Homes

1211 St. Clair Avenue (Avenue District) - 2008
City Architecture
10 Floors
1211 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland

This mixed-use structure is the centerpiece of the Avenue District, a multi-phase development of Zaremba Homes. Upon completion, the building will house 58 residential units.


Avenue District Construction
View of construction, January 2008
Avenue District Construction
View of construction, November, 2008